This month I have been dyeing new fabrics for my presentation for C & T’s online Layered and Stitched: An Art Quilt Event with 14 experienced teachers. My session is  May 18 at 11:30 am Pacific.

C and t has posted a shared blog item with me. Come and see me! Use this code for $20 discount using my code art24ann and this link.

Many of you know my books about dyeing fabric and my quilts over the years, but you may not know which tool in my dye studio I use the most often in the most ways. I have selected examples of fabric that will illustrate the possibilities and made a few videos to make it easy to see what happens with the colors. The results look complex, but the techniques are so easy, you probably won’t believe it unless you see it. I look forward to showing you how I use my hand dyed fabric in my quilts.

Here are some of the fabrics: