As a juror, I am privileged to be able to exhibit one of my own quilts at the  WayneArt Center. This one was named Magic Window, 70" x 42" by one of my grandsons while I was working on it.

Each of us wrote a juror's statement for the catalogue which will be available closer to the date of the exhibit. I have copied mine below, for your convenience.

I have just looked through images of all the invited artworks again, two months after our week of jurying all the entries for AQE 2024. It hit me all over again, that they are brilliant. The most impressive thing to me is that they are so various. I can imagine an individual person behind each one; I can relate to their interest in their subjects; I admire their ability to devise a way to compose an idea; I love being drawn in by their design decisions. Quilts as an artform are unique in that they use the element of actual texture in what we see. These artists have succeeded in bringing their ideas to us using skill, ingenuity, and imagination.

Looking at the images also reminds me of the many pieces we could not invite for this exhibit. There were many—many—of them that could be on the wall instead of these particular 50 quilts. The reason this exhibit is so interesting is that there were so many great pieces for a three person-jury to consider. Regarding those quilts not invited, I would like to say that on another day, they might have been.

--December 5, 2023