Online Courses

Learn to dye fabric from Ann’s 2 full length video courses.  NEW this year: Beyond the Book: Paint and Print with Dye (total time over 6.5 hrs )and the classic: Color by Accident: Exploring Low-Water Immersion Dyeing (total time over 4.25 hrs). Ann teaches with the understanding of what dyers need to know based on 40+ years of dyeing fabric and hundreds of in-person workshops.


Ann has written and published books since the first in 1992,  Dye Painting! The titles remaining available are listed here as well as how you can get them. This includes a link to a free download of the classic, Color by Accident: Low-Water Immersion Dyeing.

Lectures and Seminars

Ann’s lecture subjects range from dyeing techniques to design principles, all based on her experience and years of making quilts, teaching and writing books. Lectures can be in-person or online. Her Seminars are half to full day in-person demonstrations of dyeing techniques. Chose any of these topics and discuss with her how to make them most appropriate for your specific audience.

Design and Dye Resources

Ann has compiled dye and design resources for you to use, and she will be adding to the lists as more opportunities come up. These all come from her books, videos, magazine articles, and classroom handouts over the years, updated as needed.Each item will link to a downloadable file or video already online. You are welcome to use them and pass them along. Have fun!

"My favorite aspect of her teaching is that she includes one more design tool: the Idea, and she plants that at the base of her design elements. She believes, and I second the motion, that good work must have meaning, and that first you settle on your idea, and Then you get to work with your skills. Oh yeah, and she tells the artist that you gotta practice, since a lot of this stuff is about using your intuition, your taste, instead of picking right vs wrong choices. That is where it’s at, and you can see that Ann Johnston has made it her business to practice what she preaches with deft intelligence, artistic aplomb, and a genius for meaningful communication."

—Susan Shie, Artist, Wooster, OH

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