The Contact: Headwaters, 84” x 50”
On front wall of exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art for exhibit,  Water by Design
Aug 20-Mar 19, 2023

This exhibition examines water through the lens of artists who have documented the use, exploitation, and preservation of this precious commodity. Artists include Edward Burtynsky, Pilar Cereceda, Robert Dawson, Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, Ann Johnston, Maya Lin, Cannupa Hanska Luger, Richard Misrach, Mary Miss, Mark O’Connell, Cara Romero, Juane Quick-To-See-Smith, Oscar Tuazon, Takako Yamaguchi, and many others. Their diverse perspectives offer insight into how artists, designers, Indigenous knowledge keepers, engineers and scientists have worked across disciplines to power innovation, question existing systems, and seek visionary solutions to help navigate the future.

This exhibition is organized in conjunction with the 2023 NV STEAM Conference, a statewide education conference focused on exploring ideas and strategies that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math education into innovative classroom practices that foster student creativity and innovation. The NV STEAM Conference is presented in partnership with the Desert Research Institute.

Above tree line and across an expanse of meadow and scattered granite blocks, we have a perfect view of the contact of the eastern edge of the white Sierra Batholith and the mineralized Saddlebag Lake pendant where people labored fruitlessly for gold and silver 140 years ago. In the early summer this contact is covered with greenery, fed by tiny streams, headwaters of the Tuolumne River not too many miles away.