The Contact: Center Basin, 07.25.12,20:13
Size: 58" x 57"
Materials: Hand dyed cotton sateen, machine assembled and quilted.

My quilt is on its way to hang in the US Embassy residence in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, invited by the new US Ambassador, Richard Lee Buangan. The Art in Embassies program is part of the US Department of State.  It encompasses over 200 venues in 189 countries. Professional curators and registrars create and ship about 60 exhibitions per year, and since 2000, over 70 permanent collections have been installed in the Department’s diplomatic facilities throughout the world.

I made this quilt to memorialize a moment in a place. The high sierra of California inspires many of my quilts. Sky and clouds appear and disappear quickly in the evening at Golden Bear Lake, Center Basin, CA. A deep, bowl-shaped landscape frames eighteen different sunset-cloud formations in eighteen minutes.



And I made two quilts with the time and date in the titles. The later quilt has the red sky:





Here is a photo of them together at an exhibit in France a few years ago.