Beyond the Book: Paint and Print with Dye
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Ann's eight in-depth online lessons can take you to the next level, beyond her book, Color by Design: Paint and Print with Dye. Each runs from 35-67 minutes and includes a Lesson Overview, multiple handouts, and gallery images. They are designed to work for you wherever you are, and once you sign in, your access to course content does not expire. Each lesson builds on earlier information; they are available as a set for $295. or individually for $55.

My demonstrations are meant to give you a deeper understanding than you may already have of how Procion dyes work and how to manage your results. My lessons may answer some of your questions and help you make choices: which colors to mix, amount of moisture, viscosity of the print mix, type of tools, best fabric characteristics, and the order of color layers.

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Lesson 1 Let it Run

Lesson 2 Control the Flow

Lesson 3 Painting Tools

Lesson 4 Stamps and Blocks

Lesson 5 Mask Out, Stencil, Screen

Lesson 6 Monoprint with Dye

Lesson 7 Water-Soluble Resists

Lesson 8 Working Large