Design and Dye Resources

This list is sorted into topics related to dyeing and topics related to design. Each item will link to a downloadable file or video already online. You are welcome to use them and pass them along. Have fun!

Ann and Laura talk about their work
An interview at the Dairy Barn, during SAQA’s Layered and Stitched: 50 Years of Innovative Art, 2022.


Critique Session
Part of SAQA’s critique series, Ann reviews work with 3 artists, helping them decide if their composition coveys the concept intended.

Analyze your Quilt Composition
Ann shares her design handout  for you to use in critiquing your own work.

Shifting Tides Juror’s Talk
Ann’s online video presentation for Visions Art Museum, 2021.

Ann’s Juror Comments
for the catalogue Shifting Tides: Convergence in Cloth, Art Quilts from seven SAQA Pacific Regions.

Ann Johnston at NMA 2019
See a video of  Ann discussing her exhibit of The Contact at the Nevada Museum of Art.

Approaches to Design
Walk through led by curator Michael W. Monroe, at the Bellevue Arts Museum,  2017. Ann answers all their questions.

The Contact at The Festival of Quilts
A short video of an early exhibition of Ann’s exhibit in Birmingham, UK, 2014.

Jurors’ Comments for Journeys
Exhibit by members of High Fiber Diet 2020-21, a special interest group of  Columbia Fiber Arts Guild, Oregon

Quilt National Juror Statement
Ann’s written comments as one of 3 jurors, 2015. Watch her discussion of her quilt Dry Lake in the exhibit at the Dairy Barn.

Understand Variety
SAQA Journal article about how to use contrast to improve your compositions, 2012.

Quilting Any Size
Download a 5-page article Ann wrote for Machine Quilting Unlimited.

Mounting an Exhibition
Jeannette and Ann’s 5-page article about curating, exhibiting, and publishing the catalogue for Speaking in Cloth: Six Quilters, Six Voices.

Color As I See It
A short intro to color theory in a Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine article 2005.

Golden Bridge-The Story of a Quilt
Ann’s 4-page article about making a very large, functional art quilt as a wedding gift.

Steps to Creativity
Ann’s 4-page article in Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting, 2003, shows inspiration for her quilt, North is Up

When I think about cotton
In this video conversation, Ann Johnston draws on her years of experience dyeing and making quilts to show us how to find the cottons that will dye well and how to choose which ones will work best for particular dye techniques.

Answers: Dyeing with Procions
In this video, divided into 4 parts, Ann answers questions from the members of SAQA Oregon, 2021. Dye Basics, Dye Workspaces, Dye Gradations, and Dye Fabric 2 Ways.

Recipes for Surface Design with Dyes
Ann’s updated  handout with all the basics!

Washing Hand-Dyed Fabric
Ann’s updated handout will answer some of your questions.

Corn and Potato Dextrin
Ann’s updated handout  with info and recipes.

CBA: Exploring Low-Water immersion
Updated notes to accompany the 2014 DVD and the current streaming version.

Color by Accident—the Classic for Low-Water Immersion Dyeing
Full book version of Color by Accident: Low-Water Immersion Dyeing available to download, free. Check out the video! 4.5 hours of lessons covering more LWI techniques.