Ann’s  available titles are listed here as well as how you can get them. This includes a link to a free download of the classic, Color by Accident: Low-Water Immersion Dyeing. If you want to see older titles, now out of print, see her resume, which will link you to images.

Color By Design: Paint & Print With Dye, 2nd Ed.

166 pages  $35
In 48 lessons you learn how to dye cotton and silk with an endless array of techniques. Right away, you will create your distinctive marks and colors and, with practice, print and paint with confidence. It covers resists and dyeing blacks as well as options for more experienced dyers. Her video lessons, Beyond the Book are the next step.

Color By Accident: Low-Water Immersion Dyeing

This is a dye workbook for the adventuresome--an inspiring guide for creating one-of-a-kind fabrics, now considered a classic reference by dyers worldwide. The entire book is available for free, so you can begin the fun for yourself. Further LWI explorations are available as video: Color by Accident: Exploring Low-Water Immersion Dyeing.

Color by Accident: Exploring Low-Water Immersion

DVD- 2 discs SALE $29, English & Spanish Subtitles
This 4+ hr video is packed with information about LWI and will inspire many experiments by those of all skill levels who are ready to use their unique fabrics in their quilts, garments and textile artworks. Hard copies of the high-resolution set is available directly from Ann. It is also available for streaming.

The Contact: Sierra Nevada, Dyed & Stitched

146 pages  $35
Thirty-one of Ann’s large quilts about the gold rush, geology, and landscape of the Sierra Nevada in California are shown with beautiful details; her inspiration and processes are illustrated and explained. The collection has been shown in nine solo exhibits and many group exhibits in the US and internationally. See Ann’s Portfolio/The Contact on this site for recent work.

The Quilter’s Book of Design: Expanded 2nd Ed.

176 pages  SALE $15
A complete guide for the art quilter, it is oriented to developing your individual voice. It has over 350 fabric illustrations and discusses the medium’s special qualities. Ann includes brief end-of-chapter workshops, starting-place techniques, and full-length projects. Out of print; new copies are now available directly from Ann.