Haven: SAQA Global exhibit
  • Opening venue: International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX, November 2-6, 2022
  • Traveling exhibit Oct 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2025
  • REVIEW by Patty Kennedy-Zafred.  Read full article: SAQA AQQ29 Haven and Gastronomy article
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  • Exhibit artists/work
  • Juror:  Eszter Bornemisza, Budapest, Hungary
  • The Contact: Grove  30” x 60” 2021 Hand dyed cotton, machine assembled and quilted
The southern foxtail pine grows in select places in the highest parts of the Sierra Nevada of California. The majestic red-gold trunks and branches provide shelter for many creatures year round, and sometimes they shelter me. Last summer, I camped in a grove at 3,350 meters. I spent several hour a day  in my hammock memorizing the landscape around me so I could bring it home in my mind.