Focus on Texture


There are lots of ways to organize your thinking about design. Every book has a slightly different twist on it. In this presentation, you will see how Ann thinks about the design element of actual texture in quilt design. It is a uniquely essential tool that quilters and fiber artists get to use.

She uses inspirational images paired with details of her quilts to demonstrate all the work texture can do in our quilts including these: define the background, create a line or shape, emphasize an area, create patterns, make a new layer of design, create rhythm, and unify the other elements in the design. Her quilts and descriptions illustrate actual texture, what functions it performs for us and the importance of making sure that the choices we make ultimately enhance the meaning we intend.

Ann addresses ways quilters can approach adding texture with stitching and other techniques and where she looks for ideas as she shows her explorations and recent work.