The Quilter’s Book of Design, Expanded 2nd Edition

The Quilter’s book of Design, expanded Second Edition, is a serious and accessible guide with over 350 examples all made of fabric. The text is oriented to developing the individual voice of the maker, and includes brief end-of-chapter workshops, starting-place techniques, and full-length projects.

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8.5” x 11”, full color, 176 pages, soft cover
©2008 Ann Johnston Publisher, Lake Oswego, Oregon USA
ISBN 978-0-9656776-3-9

“We see step-by-step fabric illustrations of her personal inquiries into various ways of dealing with each visual tool: balance, unity, variety, line, shape, value, color, pattern, and texture. Not settling for just blocks to illustrate the tools, she gives us finished art quilts to illustrate the tools. And even better, throughout the book Johnston gives us examples of quilts from various series of her work, so that by the time we come to the end of the book, we pretty much know how her mind ticks in her hungry quest for yet more excellence in her art-making. As the series grow and evolve, we see the building of a personal style. Johnston has a real gift for making learning about one of the driest subjects possible into an engaging and effective adventure.”

– Susan Shie, Artist, Wooster, OH

“This book is a thorough introduction to the organizational principles that inform not only quilt design, but also flatwork of all kinds. It is wonderfully clear in its layout and in the marriage of text and supporting visuals. This contribution to design literature should be on the bookshelf of anyone who makes quilts or has an interest in two-dimensional design.”

– David Hornung, Chair, Department of Art, Adelphi University, New York, NY