Exploring Color By Accident

Dye Workshop for Groups and Conferences

5 Days


This class will provide the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind textures and variegated color mixtures on fabric with simple, flexible recipes. These low-water immersion dye recipes have been adapted by Ann to dye fabric in large quantities with less dye, less water, less weight, and fewer buckets than the old immersion dye recipes. The practice in class will help participants:

  • understand the differences in the single-chemical colors
  • mix colors without exact recipes
  • create a smooth value gradation across one piece of fabric
  • manipulate the fabric to create many different textures
  • learn about designing by mechanically resisting the penetration of the
  • manage large pieces of fabric in small spaces
  • decide when to use soda last and when to use soda first
  • dye fabric without a container
  • know when to vary the length of time before and after the soda is added
  • adapt recipes for use on silk

See Ann’s DVD: Exploring Color by Accident