Clarify Your Design Decisions

Design Workshop in Ann’s studio

5 days, 9 am-5 pm

Tuition includes lunches: $980


Expand your personal resources to help you answer that constant question, “What do I do next?” Start with the workshop with an idea and learn to use it to guide you in assessing options as you design and sew with purpose. As you internalize the elements of design—Line—Shape—Color—Value—Pattern—Texture—you will be more able to make choices in composition and construction that enhance and support the intent of your artwork. Various construction techniques will be explored to help evaluate how they might enhance the growing concept of your particular design. Ann will address the particular decisions that need to be made for those with their own hand-dyed fabrics. In this personalized workshop for 4 participants, each will choose a starting place and then sew two or more quilts towards resolving that idea. Quilting will be discussed and started, on at least one of the pieces. See Ann’s books; The Contact: Sierra Nevada, Dyed & Stitched and The Quilter’s Book of Design, Second Edition.