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Workshops/Lectures/Seminars by Ann Johnston

> Ann Johnston Studio Workshops, 2017
Join Ann in her own studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon, for fabric dyeing and quilt design workshops. To insure maximum individual attention to each person’s artistic interests, there will be 4 participants maximum in each class. Homemade lunches, drinks and snacks will be provided at the studio. Ann will provide local information so participants can make arrangements for room, breakfast and dinner for themselves. Ann has scheduled 2 workshops in her studio for 2017. Other workshops for next year will be scheduled on request > contact Ann to arrange dates.

> Group & Conference Workshops vary from two days to ten days. All the descriptions here are general because each workshop will be designed specifically to fit the interests of the group. The maximum number of students in these “hands-on” workshops is 20. If there is a need for more than 20 students, there will be an additional fee per student, per day. If a group of 10 or fewer is interested in planning a workshop, there is a slightly reduced daily fee.

> Lectures consist of a digital presentation with quilts and/or fabric samples as needed. Every presentation is updated and prepared for your specific audience.

> Seminars both three and six hours, are designed for up to 40 participants. Ann tailors the presentation to the interest and suggestions of the organizers. A seminar consists of demonstration and explanation of dye and design processes. There is no “hands-on” use of dyes or sewing machines by participants.

Please > contact Ann for current fees.

Ann Johnston Studio Workshops Ann Johnston Studio Workshops Ann Johnston Studio Workshops
Ann Johnston Studio Workshops
Ann Johnston Studio Workshops
Ann Johnston Studio Workshops

Registration Information for 2017 Ann Johnston Studio Workshops

Registration for 2017 closed

• Ann has scheduled 2 workshops in her studio for 2017:

> Focused Dyeing, 5 days, May 31-June 4, 2017
> Beyond Piecing, 5 days, September 1-5, 2017

Other workshops for 2017 will be scheduled upon request. Read the list of possible topics and recommended length and fees, gather 2 or 3 people and > contact Ann to arrange dates and customize workshop to fit participants’ interests.

Tuition includes:
• 8-hour class days: 9 am-5 pm, instruction & hands-on experience
• For the dye workshops: all fabric, dyes, chemicals, and specialized tools
• Handouts
• Daily informal lunch at the studio

Tuition will be similar to previous years and adjusted to the number of days and to the supplies required. It will be paid in full in advance of the workshop, dates to be determined. Tuition is non-refundable. Should you find it necessary to cancel your registration, Ann will make every possible attempt to fill your spot with someone else.

Feel free to request additional topics or a combination so your workshop will fit you.

Possible workshop topics at Ann's studio:

> Intro to Dye Painting and Printing

> Monoprinting Dye on Fabric

> Approaches to Quilt Design with Raw-edge Appliqué

> Focused Dyeing

> Clarify Your Design Decisions

> Using Your Own Hand-dyed Fabrics

For more possible topics, read other > workshop descriptions

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