Wash Out Dye with a Front Load Washer

© 2017 Ann JohnstonDownload full pdf version More information about dyeing fabric in the updated 2nd Edition of Color by Design Using a front-loading washing machine will use water more efficiently and will not tangle fabric as much as top loading washing machines. What models to look for General approach and details and tips.

Corn and Potato Dextrin Recipes 2017

© 2017 Ann Johnston Download a pdf version Corn and potato dextrin have various uses in the food industry, such as thickening and sweetening. They are powders that when prepared as described, dissolve in boiling water, and after being applied to fabric and dried, they resist the penetration of dyes and wash out in water. … Read More

Quilt Italia Article

  Article featured in Quilt Italia, Summer 2017See all 9 pages! Quilt Italia article translation: As I write this for Quilt Italia, I am in our cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of northern California. It is April 2017, the daffodils are up, it is snowing, and the rivers are at flood stage. This … Read More

Books for sale at Yosemite Art Center

  Ann’s quilts inspired by Yosemite and the Sierra are on display at the Yosemite Art Center inYosemite Village, CA from June-October 2017. You can also find her books for sale.

Bellevue Arts Museum

The Contact: Quilts of the Sierra Nevada by Ann JohnstonBellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA www.bellevuearts.org/exhibitions/past/ann-johnston Opening Reception: February 23, 2017February 24-June 11, 2017

Carrefour Européen du Patchwork

The Contact: Quilts of the Sierra Nevada by Ann JohnstonCarrefour Européen du PatchworkSainte-Marie-Aux-Mines, France www.patchwork-europe.eu Opening Reception: September 14, 2016September 14-22, 2016