Ann Johnston Studio Workshops

• Using Your Own Hand-dyed Fabrics

You poured the colors and made the marks on the fabric. It all came from you—your senses, your style—and fits into your repertoire of experiences and ideas. Bring a pile of your own hand-dyed fabrics, and in class, you will either build on the ideas that prompted dyeing it or on ideas that are suggested by the fabric as you look at it later. Other fabric not dyed by you may be used as needed in construction as long as primarily your own fabric generates your meaning. With only 4 participants, Ann can offer guidance from the very beginning of the process with personal one-on-one instruction, demonstrations, and use of examples from her own work. At the end of the week, participants will have sewn one or more compositions entirely their own, possibly carried through the quilting stage, depending on size and complexity.

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