These blocks were part of our discussion Friday, Feb 18, 2022, about Surface Design in Unit 2 of the SAQA Seminar Highlights 2022.  To Register for SAQA Seminar

Activity Part 1: Collage—three steps, three results

1st step: block, high contrast, 10 separate pieces that need to be visually tied together, especially the piece that interested me most—on the right with red circles, I wanted to emphasize the red and give it more depth.

2nd step: The stitching with size 30 red thread following contours of some of the blocks, had little impact at a distance, except to add a little texture.

3rd step: I extended the very slight curves of the pieces in the center with a chalk pencil, then I used opaque red textile paint over parts of the pieces. Now, even though the red pops out, it looks like it is behind dark figures in the front, and it draws the eye over to the red circles on the right.

My conclusions: Yes, I did succeed in drastically changing the block; I did visually tie it together; I do like the depth created. One jarring aspect: I should have curved the red line in the upper right ever so slightly, it is too rigid, doesn’t flow with the rest.

One solution: Detail with green arrows showing pink chalk marks for further revision with red paint.

Of course, I could have tried lots of other surface design processes on this block, and all would have different results. I think it would be a good thing to do over and over again, because the actual results are often a surprise even when you think you can fully imagine them.