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Corn and potato dextrin have various uses in the food industry, such as thickening and sweetening. They are powders that when prepared as described, dissolve in boiling water, and after being applied to fabric and dried, they resist the penetration of dyes and wash out in water. Corn Dextrin can create a complete blockout of thickened dye. In a thin layer, it blocks out less. Potato Dextrin, spread thickly on the fabric, cracks as it dries. While damp, it can be scraped away in patterns.

There are many grades of corn and potato dextrin, changing constantly, so the recipes we use in the studio need to adapt as well. Many things influence how they work, including the humidity and temperature of the work area, the temperature of the resist, the thickness of application, the speed of drying, and also the weight and weave
of the fabric.